Damned & Confused

Meriel discovers an ancient deck of Tarot cards while cleaning out an old house for her sister. When she opens the box of cards, out pops Wile, a demon hell-bent on protecting her from Raziel, a Prince of Hell. If Raziel gets the cards and Meriel, he can open a portal to release the devil … Continue reading Damned & Confused

Guest Post: A Taste of Magic (Fairview Chronicles 1) by Alexa Piper

Hello! And thank you, Crymsyn, for inviting me to your blog. I wanted to talk a little bit about my urban fantasy series, Fairview Chronicles. People tell me it’s funny. My charming antihero loves giving interviews. We’ve crossed oceans in the latest installment, and all in all, even with the demons and the murder and … Continue reading Guest Post: A Taste of Magic (Fairview Chronicles 1) by Alexa Piper

Craving Penelope

Penelope wakes from her fevered dreams of being pleasured by a mysterious man only to remain frustrated in her waking state. She hides behind the walls of her home because she is an empath always feeling what others feel and making relationships impossible. Razziel is an angel who has become infatuated with Penelope enough to … Continue reading Craving Penelope

Storm Riders: Book 1

George has been searching for a way to predict tornadoes that mimics her inherent ability. Her encounter with a handsome cowboy that drives away a twister has her stumped. Wyatt and Landon are Storm Riders assigned to wrangle cyclones. When they both meet George, they’re driven to possess her, even offering themselves to her for … Continue reading Storm Riders: Book 1