Hell’s Gate: Santino

April is brought to Hell’s Gate, the most exclusive Goth club in town,by her best friend to check out one of the famed fetishes at Hell’s Gate. Cindy drags April into the bowels of the club to be kissed by a mysterious hooded man. April returns home without being kissed and finds her dreams haunted … Continue reading Hell’s Gate: Santino

Hell’s Gate: Draig

Lila has been tending bar for five years at Hell’s Gate. She is content with her life. However, when Draig walks into the club her world is thrown asunder. There is something about the exotic man that haunts her. She watches him night after night tie up women and can’t help but feel jealous. Draig … Continue reading Hell’s Gate: Draig

Hell’s Gate: Amelia

Amelia has been a ghost for almost a century and haunting Hell’s Gate is getting old. She wishes for a change of pace only to have that come in the form of a ring that can make her flesh during the night. On her first night being alivish, she meets Barrett. A hunky man in … Continue reading Hell’s Gate: Amelia