Cash Madsen is a Texas Ranger. It has kept him sane through his years of darkness. Being a vampire, his hunger calls him to kill those he feeds on, but he hasn’t yet. For a hundred and sixty years, he’s tried to put his past behind him, but one woman continues to haunt him. Rebecca Bruce has never quite gotten over the cowboy who got away.

Fate draws them back to the old saloon where they first met. Only there are more than ghosts haunting the town. Rebecca yearns for Cash, but he throws her in jail for murder. Cash’s buried feelings for Becca resurface. He must face them or risk losing her forever. Drawn together, they must discover who’s behind the killings and reignite their simmering passion.

Excerpt from "Cashing in the Noght"

.His desire electrified his skin and transferred to me from our close proximity. He dropped his pants. A winning smile appeared on my lips. I always got my way with him. The warmth of that nudged me closer to him. I trailed my fingers over his chest, playing with the stray hairs sprinkled on his pecs. Cash scooped me up in his arms and pushed his lips to mine. His cock started to harden again the longer he kissed me. Finally, he deposited me on the bed.

“You are a siren. I can’t say no to you. I only wish . . .” He shook his head.

I felt the change in his demeanor. “You only wish what?” I began to knead some of the tension he carried in his arms.

“You’ll think me some besotted fool if I tell you.”

“Cash, I would never think that. You know I cherish everything you say.”

He chuckled and kissed my cheek. “That’s the problem. Here you are a notorious woman of the night and me a dashing Texas Ranger. We live in two separate worlds. I wish that we didn’t. I would have you for my wife. I don’t care about your past or what other patrons you entertain. I only want you at my side.”

His admission shocked me. I struggled to find the words. He had never declared how strong his feelings were for me. I had never confessed that I was in love with him. In my profession love was a dangerous thing to have for a client. It could make me lose my edge, so I buried the emotion deep and only allowed it when I was with him.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I know. That’s the problem. I know love isn’t something you afford yourself. And I’ve tried to deny my feelings for you. But I can’t. I know it’s impossible for either of us. I shouldn’t have said anything.” He began to pull away from me. If he walked out the door, I’d never see him again.

“Make love to me, Cash.”

“It’d be better if I just left.”

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast. “Please. You can’t tell a girl you love her and then walk away.”

“It wouldn’t work between us. Why prolong the agony?”

I took his hard cock in my hands and ran them along his shaft. His expression softened as he began to lose focus. The distraction would be short-lived, but it would be enough time for me to reason with him. I didn’t want him to go anywhere. We had a wonderful thing going, and I looked forward to our nights together. I gave him an innocent look and ran the tip of my tongue over the head of his cock. I batted my eyelashes and brought his engorged dick to my mouth. I slid my lips over his cock slowly, licking the thick vein on the underside. I grabbed his balls and rolled them in my hand. The moan that escaped his lips was music to my ears. He placed his hands on my head and began rocking his hips gently until I was sucking on him faster. I wrapped my tongue around his length, letting him come all the way into me, touching the back of my throat. I closed my eyes and let the hunger creep in. The enticement of his blood being so near, below the surface, and his skin being so warm with it, almost got the better of me, but I caught the beast before it took over my nature.

“God, Becca, you suck a mean dick. I want to fuck you again.”

I gave him one long lick, dragging my teeth along his sensitive flesh, and released him from my hold. I pushed Cash down on the bed. The sound of the springs filled my ears from his added weight. I leaned over and kissed him, flicking my tongue along his lips until he sucked it into his mouth. I met his tongue, tasting him, letting him taste me. The hunger was there. One sip of his blood and it would drive the beast away. I didn’t want to think like a vampire at this moment. I only wanted to be the woman he loved, the woman he wanted to marry.





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