Reseph gave his heart and soul to the priesthood of the lion god Mysis. He prays the god won’t smite him for removing offerings from the altar in order to save an ailing lion cub.

Mysis has had his eye on Reseph and can’t help but visit him when the young priest steals from his holy altar. Instead of smiting him, Mysis becomes smitten. But the other gods are not so happy about this new attraction.

What is a priest to do when his god says he wishes to be lovers? Does Reseph tell him no? He is already head over heels and will do anything for Mysis, even give up his soul to save the man that he loves.

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Excerpt from "A Lion's Heart"

Fear ran his blood cold. This would be the end of him. Even if it was a dream, the gods could do terrible things to him. He might wake up and find a lion waiting to devour him. He tried to look away, but the god held him by the chin. Mysis’s face remained calm, and his eyes showed no anger, but Reseph wasn’t about to underestimate the celestial being. From what he had learned from Pawah, the gods were fickle.

“Forgive me. I-I didn’t take it for myself. I’d never think to put myself before you. I only did it because the mother of one of your lions wasn’t feeding her cub.”

“You do understand that sometimes even my blessed animals die. It is the cycle of life.”

He nodded. “Yes. But I couldn’t let him die, and there was food aplenty.”

“So you stole from my altar to save the cub, not caring I might have use of the milk and honey left to me.”

Shivers ran through his body as he tried to stay calm. A tear slipped from his eye. “Forgive me, Great Mysis. It will never happen again. I swear. Please don’t punish me.”

The god took Reseph’s face between his hands. Even though terror gripped him, he couldn’t help but be aroused by the god’s soft touch. It stole his breath and ran his throat dry. His eyes widened, and when Mysis ran a finger down his cheek, it took everything in him not to let out a moan.

“You are forgiven, Reseph. Not many of my priests would show the compassion to help one of my sacred animals. I admire that. I had to see for myself if your act reflected your heart. And it does.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Relief flooded him as the god admitted he wasn’t going to take out vengeance on him.

Mysis wiped the tear from his cheek. That soft touch made him yearn for more. “You have my permission to glean what you need from my altar to care for this little one. If the priest questions you, pray to me, and I will be sure he doesn’t give you any trouble. If you mistreat the cub or don’t keep up your care for him, I shall be back. Know that I shall be watching.”

“Of course, Magnificent One.” He breathed a sigh of relief, but the god hadn’t released him. “Is there something else I can do for you?”

Mysis trailed his finger down Reseph’s throat and over his collarbone. “I’ve been watching you for some time. You’re very pious in your devotions to me. The village girls who pray to me have their eye on you, but you don’t give them a second look. Why is that?”

His eyes widened. Why is he asking me this? It shouldn’t matter whom he was attracted to. He wasn’t allowed to have intercourse because it was the edict of any priest to keep himself pure to serve the gods. Mysis’s fingers feathered over Reseph’s chest until they rested above his heart, which nearly stopped. “I’ve never found them desirable. It’s always been men, Celestial One.”

The deity leaned closer until his lips were only inches from Reseph’s. “And would it bother you if I visited you from time to time?”

“Who am I to deny you anything?”

Mysis laughed. “Even in my infinite power, I would not take away your free will. I sense your longing for me in this form. And I know your true devotion.” He trailed his finger over Reseph’s bald head, which made him close his eyes in ecstasy. “Would it please you if I visited you again?”

Reseph didn’t know what to say. The god is asking me if I mind another visitation from him and not dictating it. It’s true I do desire him. Mysis was a glorious creature appearing from the stone. He drew in a long breath and didn’t fight the yearning that welled inside of him. His cheeks burned once again. “It would please me.”

“Good.” Mysis pressed his lips against Reseph’s in a gentle but firm kiss. His mouth was soft, and even though it lasted only a few seconds, the kiss shot bolts of ecstasy through him. His cock hardened. The god’s hand slipped down his chest and cupped it. He squeezed, easing a moan from Reseph’s throat. Mysis pulled away and smiled. “Because it would please me too.”





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