When Jack Frost appears at Krampus' house asking for help to save Santa, Krampus knows with his arch-enemy gone, Christmas could be his for the taking.

Instead, Krampus goes to help Jack on his mission. What they find is the Elves running amok in Christmas Town and Mrs. Claus held prisoner.

Racing against time, Krampus must face an even darker energy to rescue Santa.







"I love this series. Ms. Hart creates the kinky Krampus I enjoy reading about. ... I particularly like Santa's fantasies. I much prefer how it ends with Krampus in control. Just thinking about how Krampus is a natural Dom makes me horny. This holiday theme tale is recommended to kinky readers who prefer naught to nice."                                             
--- La Crimson Femme, Manic Readers

Excerpt from "Krampus to the Rescue"

"Jingle balls. Jingle balls. Swinging all the way. Oh what fun it is to squeeze..."

Krampus followed the sound of Emerald's off-key singing into the kitchen. He stood in the doorway and watched the cook. Her scarlet hair was bound up between the two curled horns on her head. She once told him she got the horns and her hooves from a god who cursed her because he didn't appreciate her psychic predictions.

Krampus adored every bit of her -- except her singing.

She rolled ground meat between her hands and set the finished ball into a pan. From the smell of the cooked ones, he suspected sausage and ground turkey. They weren't made with the human meat he enjoyed more. His taste for long pig was an acquired one. It came with the office. Still, his stock had thinned during the winter and he needed them to fatten up. He listened to a few more bars and cringed before he went into the kitchen.

Emerald glanced up from her task. Her smile dazzled him. "You're back early. Dinner's not ready yet."

He nuzzled her neck. His forked tongue flicked along her flesh until she shivered. A small moan escaped her lips as his hands slipped underneath her apron and skirt and over her luscious thighs. "I needed a break. And then I smelled this wonderful aroma and heard your god-awful singing." Krampus bit her throat and rubbed her clit.

Emerald quivered as he pleasured her. "You need to stop doing that or I won't be able to finish these. The ones in the oven will burn. The meat..."

"What about the meat?" Krampus took a couple of her fingers covered in raw meat and sucked on them, savoring the taste of the mixture of herbs. His hunger for all things was amped up this time of year because it was nearing Christmas. He scraped his sharp teeth along her flesh until no tidbit remained. Emerald shook as she came. He nearly spread her legs and thrust inside of her, claiming her right there. His cock ached at the thought of it.

"Clover, you have to stop. I gotta make dinner. We have guests coming over, remember? We need to save our energy for later," she said between pants.

Krampus buried his face in her hair and unwound from Emerald. "You're right. I forgot. Where would I be without you?"


Krampus grabbed a warm meatball and plopped it in his mouth. "Yes. Lost is the word for it. No more singing. It hurts my ears."

"Sorry. I sing when I roll my balls around. Jingle balls, all the way."

"The humans sing Jingle Bells. The song has nothing to do with balls. Although, I don't mind when you roll mine around."

"Really? I hadn't heard that one. Mine is from a werewolf. He said he got it from a cousin who fell in love with a human chief or something like that. He traveled with the rodeo for a couple of seasons. It's quite a catchy tune."

Krampus smirked. "This werewolf sounds like an interesting fellow."

Emerald washed her hands. "He was very interesting. Taught me a few things. Maybe if you're good, I'll show you later."

"Have you been holding out on me?"

She gave him a quick peck and dried her hands. "Go take a bath. You stink. I have to get this made. Samhain and Nyx are coming over tonight. We've been planning this for weeks. I don't want to ruin it."

"God, I love you, woman."

"I know. Remember what I said. I don't care who your dick goes into, because your heart belongs to me." She winked at him.

Krampus chuckled and went upstairs to get cleaned up for dinner. Emerald was correct. They had tried to get Nyx and Samhain over to the house for weeks. Emerald wanted both of them in bed. Sometimes her requests surprised him. Jealousy never darkened her feelings for him when he told her about his most recent foray with another Incarnation or creature.

Sometimes her appetite was nearly as insatiable as his.

Dried off and clean, he straightened his purple vest and ran his fingers through his goatee. This was the only free night he'd had for weeks. He spent his spare time in the forge casting bells.

Krampus looked forward to the night ahead. Samhain, Emerald, and he had already shared one another before this. Nyx was the newest addition into the mix. He and Nyx had been intimate in the past, but she had never participated with Emerald before. The anticipation of the coming night aroused him. Then again, Emerald's wiggling ass turned him on.





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