When Drake rescues Savanna from certain death, it stirs his dragon side. He tries to get past it, but even after he brings her to the mainland, she won’t leave his thoughts. Without a phone, he goes to Wyeth to get the help Savanna needs.There’s something about Savanna, Wyeth can’t shake.

When both men converge at Savanna’s, anarchy ensues. Savanna is Drake’s only hope of returning home to another world filled with magic and dragons. Neither she nor Wyeth want to believe it until they see Drake’s true face. Savanna’s falling deeply in love and can’t let either one go. With the coming storm threatening to rip them apart, the dragon has fully awoken within Drake. It won’t leave Savanna behind even if it has to go through Wyeth to get her.


Excerpt from "Dragonkin:Storms"

Wyeth got up and Drake approached her as well. He held up his hand and shook his head. Drake stopped and flashed him a confused look, but sank into the chair next to the fireplace. He knelt before Savanna and peeled her hands away from her face. Her cheeks were streaked with tears. It broke his heart. This woman shouldn’t be put through such drastic emotions. She shouldn’t be torn asunder, and this whole situation was doing exactly that. It was pulling them all apart from the inside out.

“Savanna, those are all valid concerns. I can’t say I haven’t jumped into bed with women after first meeting them. Drake, well, he’s been around for a while, so I’m sure he’s done some things too. This thing is between us. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your reason. The longer we’re together like this, the stronger this desire is going to grow. Tell me you don’t desire me or Drake. If you don’t, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll bring you home, but you have to tell me what you want. You have to give an answer from your heart. Do you want me? Do you want Drake? Can you give yourself up for one night? One night that might change your life?” He kissed the back of her hands the way he had done before. Touching her skin lessened his anxiety.

“I-Yes.” Wyeth lifted her chin so that he saw she fought everything that happened. For the first time, he looked at it from her point of view. Here were these two attractive men coming on to her and telling her they wanted to ravage her. Most of her relationships must have been on different terms because of her weight. She wasn’t a perfect woman, and maybe the right man had never told her she was beautiful. He didn’t think she had been treated badly, but her heart had been broken. And she didn’t want to have that happen all over again.

“We’re not going to let anything happen to you.” He motioned for Drake to join them.

“Wyeth’s right. We would never let anything happen to you. The first instinct for a dragonkin mate is that you are happy, safe, and protected. All I…we want for you is to make sure you are satisfied. You can trust us. Feel the link between the three of us and know that what I say is true. I’d never hurt you.”

“I know…” she whispered.

“Wyeth would never hurt you, either.”

“I know that, too.”

“Then trust us,” Wyeth trailed his fingers down her cheeks, wiping away the tears. She sniffled and smiled. He saw the trust returning to her eyes.

“Do you want us?” Drake asked.

“Only if I have your assurance I’m not going to be pulling you apart from one another. I can’t do that again, what happened outside. I can’t deal with this fury you both feel. I can’t keep channeling this fire.”

“I can’t promise that I won’t get jealous, because I don’t know if sharing you is something that I can deal with. The most important thing is keeping you happy and safe. We will work it out. Do you believe me?” Drake asked her.

“Yes.” A smile slipped across her features. He sensed her acceptance. Jubilation bubbled up inside of him. He kissed her lightly and felt her respond as she pressed against him. Her lips were sweet and his entire body sung out for her. “You know I never got a chance to bring you dessert. What do you say?”

“That I shouldn’t because it will go right to my hips.”

“I guessed and bought some chocolate cheesecake. I’m not good with baking. What do you say?”

“It sounds good.”

He went to the kitchen where he divided the cheesecake and made sure they had three plates and then brought them back into the other room. Drake sat next to Savanna and was saying something to her. A knife of jealousy stabbed him, but he pushed that off. She didn’t want them at one another’s throats. He handed her a piece of the cheesecake and then gave one to Drake. The other man cut a slice off with his fork and offered it to Savanna as if it were the natural thing to do. He held it before her as though offering it to a goddess. Savanna opened her mouth and accepted the cheesecake.

“How is it?”

“It’s good.” She cut a slice of hers. Wyeth set his plate down and took her hand. He dragged her finger through the whipped cream and sucked it between his lips. A small moan came from her. The light sound tightened his cock and he wanted to take her right there on the couch. Drake took another bite of the cheesecake and trailed his hand up her leg it until he got to her knee.

“That tickles.” She jerked and giggled.

“I’ll have to figure out later where the rest of those spots are,” Drake said as he planted a kiss over her knee. She squirmed and squealed.

“We can continue this here, or we can go to up to my bedroom. It’s your choice,” Wyeth suggested. Her cheeks burned red at the proposal, but she had finally accepted the idea of the three of them going to bed together. He had no intention of pleasuring the other man.

“Upstairs,” she said meekly.

“Are you sure?” Drake asked her, sliding his hand along her calf until it rested just above the knee.

“Yes, before I lose my nerve.”





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