Wyr is a dragon hybrid who has been alone for over a hundred years and an outcast among his own kind. When mistaken identity makes him the priest for a local village, he takes up residence in a cave within a volcano. While he gives advice to the town, he keeps his true heritage hidden.

Tahan is the son of a local merchant with an arranged marriage looming over his head. He wants nothing of his father’s business or the marriage. Instead, Tahan has a few secrets of his own and has eyes for the village priest. Tahan admits he knows the priest’s secret only to face his anger, but when Tahan touches him Wyr realizes his true affections for the man.

In order to save the man he loves from the volcanic eruption, Wyr must reveal his true nature. By doing so, his existence is threatened. Still he would do anything to make Tahan happy and see him safe. Even give up his life.




Excerpt from "The Dragon and His Houseboy 2"

The miniature dragon jumped into the air and flapped around the room until it settled on the altar and nibbled on a piece of fruit. Wyr’s stomach growled and he realized he was hungry. He ran his hands over his thighs, and it was then he remembered he was still wrapped in the towel and it was fairly sheer.

“That is a marvelous talent. Something the god would appreciate,” he said and shuffled his feet, trying not to feel the attraction flaring through him.

“Is it good enough for me to stay?” He stared at him.

All Wyr could focus on were those smoldering blue eyes under long cinnamon lashes. His throat went dry again. Wyr shook his head and found the words. “I really don’t think…”

Tahan slid his hand over Wyr’s growing erection and squeezed it. “I know the true reason why you sent me away yesterday. I understand your anger when I revealed that I knew what you were. You’ve been keeping it a secret because you know the villagers won’t accept it. Just the way they won’t accept me. Another reason why you were livid was because you don’t want to admit to yourself you’re attracted to me. Tell me I’m not right.”

He tried to clear his throat, but Tahan held him captive. His emotions whirled around his mind. His heart slammed into his chest. Wyr tried to back away, but Tahan placed a hand on his shoulder. The soft touch ignited the pull he had for the other man. The little dragon let out a small stream of fire and ignited one of the candles on the altar. Heat flushed inside of Wyr as his muscles contracted again with an oncoming shift.

Wyr tried to remain calm and focus on his breathing, hoping the shift wouldn’t overtake him. The transformation had already started. His back muscles were bunching along his shoulder blades, gathering mass to hold the weight of his great wings. His skin itched. When he glanced down, his tanned skin had already taken on a mauve hue.

“You should go.” He forced out the words.

“I’m not afraid of you,” Tahan said. “That should be evident by me coming here, falling to my knees and begging you to let me stay here. By touching you and kissing you the other day. I’ve seen how you looked at me when I’ve visited in the past, the longing in your eyes and how you stiffen up when I get close.” Tahan squeezed his cock once more.

A moan escaped Wyr’s throat. Beads of perspiration slid down his temple. He yearned to wipe them away, but didn’t dare move in case the sudden movement agitated his fragile state. “None of that matters.”

A devilish smile turned Tahan’s mouth up. He stepped closer and conformed his body to Wyr’s. “Yes, it does. You’re just fighting it because you don’t believe I’m really attracted to you. You’re thinking I’m only doing this because I want sanctuary. But I’m not. I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time. All those times I’ve watched you, I saw the hurt you held inside. It was in the way you carried yourself. Anytime you come to town you try to remain aloof, but I see the longing in your eyes. The council doesn’t see it, but I do. Please let me stay.”

Wyr’s muscles trembled as Tahan’s warm breath blasted against his flesh. The other man rested his head on Wyr’s shoulder, placing kisses along his collarbone. The ache to wrap his arms around the other man nearly crushed him, but Tahan had said exactly what was on his mind. He was showing him affection because he needed a place to escape from the world and he had hoped that Wyr could provide that. Of course the more he thought about it, the more he yearned to have him for a companion. It had been a long time since he had been with anyone. Tahan flicked his tongue along Wyr’s Adam’s apple and spikes of delight rammed through him nearly overcoming the twisting of his muscles from the change. His cock grew firmer from the contact and he was burning up from the inside out.

“Let me stay,” Tahan whispered. He met Wyr’s eyes.

His will was crumbling. He sighed and tore his gaze away. “Fine. You can stay, but don’t think that you have to…”

Tahan placed a finger to Wyr’s lips. “Trust me. This is what I want to do. Just relax. Please.”

Wyr saw the need in his eyes. The desire ran rampant through him. All he wanted to do was give himself over to Tahan, but the shift was happening. “Relaxing is near impossible when I’m about to shift.” He stepped away and rolled his shoulders, feeling the dragon scraping along the inside of his skin to get out.

Tahan touched his back and massaged his muscles where the tension was held the most. He arched his back and began to calm down. As Tahan rubbed the area, the dragon retreated. He studied his arms and saw the flesh was no longer shaded purple. It had never happened before. The weight of his wings receded. He had heard whispers among the shape-shifter community of these things happening, but he thought they were just a myth.

“Does that feel good?” Tahan asked.

“Mmmm…very good. Stop for a moment.”

Tahan groaned. “If you enjoy it, then why do you want me to stop?”





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