Amanda moved to Ravensfield for a fresh start, but before that can happen she needs a handyman to fix a few things around the house. While searching for one in town, she falls victim to a town conspiracy. Someone is out to get her and the members of the town council. But that isn't the only thing. The town's residents aren't what they seem even.

With everyone being a suspect, Amanda isn't sure who to trust. Although, Simon, the handyman does have a nice ass. He helps her out in a pinch. When she thought she might be safe, everything turns on its head and Amanda doesn't know who to turn to. The danger grows the death toll rises. If the killer isn't found soon, then she might be next.





Excerpt from "Spelled In Blue"

The light she parked under sputtered in and out. Amanda set her bag and her purse in the passenger seat. An older red Ford pickup pulled up beside her. The brakes squealed as it stopped. Amanda winced from the ear splitting sound echoing off the surrounding buildings. The door opened and the driver got out. At the same time, a searing pain hit her shoulder. A large pop sounded in the parking lot. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw red blossoming on the right shoulder of her T-shirt.

“Shit.” She clutched the edge of her truck as her knees buckled.

“Whoa! I got you.” A man grabbed her arm. She looked up into dark brown eyes and a bright smile.

“What just happened?”

“Someone shot at you.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know why.”

“I need a doctor.”

“It doesn’t look too bad. I think the bullet grazed you. There isn’t a doctor around here, but I can stitch it up for you.”

No doctor. A wiseass for a shopkeeper and now I’m getting shot at. “Isn’t it convenient you showed up right when this happened? Where are the cops? Why would someone be shooting at me?”

“You’re in shock. Come on. Let me help you. I’ll make sure the locals know about this if someone hasn’t called it in already. Howard, the sheriff, will take a bit to get down here. He lives on the other side of the town. I’ll tell Guss to call him and send him my way if you want me to look at that for you. I—”

The glass in her passenger window exploded. Amanda jumped. “Fine. Going with you is better than being shot at. What the fuck? Who would be insane enough to—?”

Another bullet skimmed off her savior’s roof closer to him this time.

“Get in.”

“My purse.”

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her purse. “Here, don’t worry about the other stuff.” Another bullet pinged off his hood. “Time to go.” Amanda moved around his truck and climbed into his passenger seat. He leaned over her and pulled out a bunch of napkins from the glovebox. “Put these on your shoulder to help with the bleeding. Constant pressure.” He started the truck and peeled out. He kept his gaze on the road and one hand on the wheel. Her savior stuck his free hand out. “Simon.”

“Amanda.” She looked at his hand while she pressed the wad to her shoulder.

“Right.” He put his hand back on the wheel. “Amanda, nice to meet you. What brings you to our quaint little town?”

“Long story. I wouldn’t call it quaint.”

“Why? Getting shot at wasn’t on your agenda when you moved here?”

Amanda didn’t answer. Instead she braced herself as he took the corners at breakneck speeds. By the time they pulled down a long driveway bordered by tall pine trees on both sides, she had no idea where she was. Simon helped her out of the truck and into the house.

“Don’t mind the mess. I wasn’t expecting company. Come into the bedroom. Sit.”

Amanda gazed around the room. Laundry and tools were scattered in front of an old fireplace. A stack of books leaned against a ratty armchair. An old beveled mirror hung on the wall above a bureau. The bed was unmade. Thick black curtains covered the windows. She perched on the bed, holding the wad of napkins to her shoulder. Simon dashed into his bathroom and came out with a first aid kit.

“Is this how you woo all the women you meet? Bring them to your cluttered bedroom and offer them free first aid?” Amanda tried to stop her voice and body from shaking. She half expected another bullet to come through his window. It didn’t seem real until she was in his truck driving away from hers. Now she sat in a strange man’s bedroom trying to figure out who shot at her and why. No one knew her in town. The only person who knew where she was happened to be her lawyer.

“Funny. Hey, I’m going to need you to take off your shirt.”


“Because I need to clean your wound and see how deep it is.”





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Older Releases