Becoming a grim reaper was right up my alley. I enjoyed being dead. I helped souls crossover into either Heaven or Hell with my fellow reaper, Than. For two years, I enjoyed my life and then the killings started. Psychics were being murdered at haunted sites and souls disappearing.

Someone was tampering with the fabric of the universe, trying to draw something evil into this world.

To do that, the killer needed the souls of the psychics and the ghosts he could gather to open the doorway.I was charged with saving those souls and find out who the serial killer was. Yeah, being used as bait was definitely not my first choice, but who can kill a grim reaper?

I'm already dead. With Than's help, I'll stop the evil from penetrating this world so I can get back to my soul gathering.

I mean the dead stay dead, right?





Excerpt from "Death's Revival"

“Where have you been?”
I feigned a smile, thinking of some answer that would make sense.
“So answer my question, where have you been?”
I asked myself the same thing. Where had I been? “Well...” I was killed by an insane grim reaper. Then I was put on probation by the head Angel of Death, Azrael. I was reunited with my lover from a past life, and I’ve been helping souls travel to the other side. None of that would fly with her because she’d think I was crazy. “I was…traveling. Doing psychic fairs. This and that.” I shrugged. It was a vague answer but that was what it would have to be.
She stuck her hands on her hips. “This and that! What the fuck kind of answer is that? The police want to talk to you. Come on, Kerstin. Tell me the truth. I know you better than that. You always said you hated doing those freak shows. You told me you never liked being in the public eye. Besides, the way you barreled out of here with Jackson, it seemed something was on your tail.”
“I thought that you didn’t believe in all ‘the ghostly mumbo jumbo, malarkey’ as you always called it.”
“Things change after a couple of years. After you left, things started to happen in the barn. The horses get a little spooked sometimes. Sometimes balls of light floated through the stalls. And they’re not fireflies because they are too big. At night I swear I see people walking around the foundation. Occasionally, the image of your house wavers, superimposed over the ground where it used to stand. It’s creepy.”
“Why haven’t you left?” I asked.
She shrugged. “Because my livelihood is here. I had hoped that what the police were saying wasn’t true. That maybe you weren’t really dead. Maybe you were still alive, and I was right. You are. It’s almost like the spirits have nowhere to go so they came back here. You used to joke about that watchman you’d see up on the ridgeline holding a lantern roaming around the property.”
“I take it you’ve encountered him?” I couldn’t help but smile.
“I ran into him a couple of months ago. I thought I saw someone. When I went to investigate, I saw the outline of a man holding a lantern. He was walking the perimeter of the corral. Before I could confront him, he vanished.”
“You don’t have to worry about him. He won’t hurt you. He’s from the abandoned railroad down in the ravine a couple of miles from here. He’s always kept an eye out for this place. I think he likes the horses.”
Kelly nodded. “That’s good to know. The horses don’t seem to mind him. Stop changing the subject. You didn’t answer my question. Where have you been? Don’t give me that b.s. psychic fair excuse again.”
She would harp on me until I told her something. I could just disappear on her, but I didn’t want to scare her again. “Kelly, I honestly can’t tell you where I’ve been. And I’m not here to stay or reclaim my land.”
“Then why are you here if you’re not going to rebuild?”
The weight of what I had become slammed on my shoulders seeing how different I was from her now. How could I return to my old life? No one would understand. No human that is. “I *missed you. I’m sorry if I spooked you. I can’t tell you anymore.”
Irritation lit up her eyes. She wanted and deserved more of an answer, but this was all the explanation I could give her. “You know. I’m going to have to call the police and tell them I saw you.”
“I really wish you wouldn’t. They won’t be able to find me. After I leave, I won’t be coming back.”
“How am I supposed to get a hold of you? What’s going to happen to this place?”
“Do you have a piece of paper?”
Kelly glanced around and came back with a notepad. I stared at it thinking what I was going to write. I didn’t even know if it would be legal, but oh well. This place had been my home for a long time. I had dreamed about spending my life here because it was peaceful and a piece of my history. Now I had real place to call my home. But that didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I took the pen she gave me and wrote out a quick note, along with a bill of sale, signing over the land to Kelly. I read it over once more and handed it to her.
“Are you sure about this? How is it going to be legal?”
“It’s all I can do. Like I said, I can’t stay.” A cold chill slid down my spine. When I glanced behind me, another reaper dressed in a frayed black robe had appeared in the room. Tendrils stretched out from the robe and moved on their own. The hood covered his skeletal face. He placed a bony finger to his lips to keep me from alerting Kelly he was there. It had been a couple of weeks since I had seen him, too long since I had felt the comfort of his arms. I slid my hand along the silver necklace and thought of our muddled past. A cascade of events had occurred to get me to this point in time. No matter what, Than would never leave me.
“What were you looking at?” Kelly asked.
“Just thought I saw something, but nothing’s there. I’m sorry. I hate to run, but I really do have to go. Take care of the place, Kelly.” I slipped my arms around her in a long hug. We had spent many a late night drinking hot chocolate next to the fireplace in my living room. Sometimes we would just pop popcorn in an old fashioned popper over the fire and fall asleep to some horrible movie on cable. It didn’t matter that she didn’t believe in my ghosts or me being psychic. I gave her one extra squeeze and felt her shiver in my embrace. When I pulled away, her skin had gone pallid and her eyes had a haunted glaze.
Time to go.
“Kerstin, oh shit. Are you sure…?”
I pulled my hood down over my face and eased a little bit of my power over me so she could get a sense of who I had become. I glided backward to the door, willing it to open behind me. Darkness reached out and enveloped me. It comforted me to be one with it again, melting away from the land of the living and back to the realm of the dead. Kelly watched speechless. Her eyes widened with fright. Her mouth dropped, but she covered it with her hand and her complexion paled until she could have been a sheet. Kelly dashed after me once she regained her composure and rushed onto the landing.





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