Angelic Cravings

Selena moved into her new house. On her first night there she is awakened by Donavan pleading for help. He is trapped on the other side of her mirror. Something inside of her is motivated to find a way to free him. When she touches the glass, there is an instant connection between the two of them.

However, what she doesn't know is that an ancient evil possesses Donavan in the guise of a demonic jester who wants her soul. Donavan tells her to flee the house and forget about him, but Selena can't. When she is vulnerable, the jester breaks through her dreams, enticing and tasting her with his power.

Will Selena be able to free the man she loves? Or will the jester's influence take root in her soul? Only time will tell, and there isn't much of it left.

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Excerpt from "Lost Souls"

“Please, help me,” whispered a man. This time the voice was in the same room with her.

Selena turned around slowly, and grasped for the knife. The fear, which she thought was gone, doubled in its intensity. In the mirror was a man surrounded by a neon green glow, reaching out to her. He had dark hair, tan skin, and dark green eyes. Half of his face was covered by his hair. He was dressed in a white and green harlequin outfit from another century. Hypnotized, she went to the mirror. The guy was handsome. Something about him tugged on her heart. He seemed familiar to her, like Trevor had been when she first met him.

She didn’t believe in the supernatural or things that went bump in the night. Granted, she believed in angels and beings who watched over her, but nothing to make her worry. Her mirror had never done this at the other house.

“Help me!” The plea came again from his lips. The look in his eyes was one of pure agony. He was trapped, and lost like she was.

“How can I help you?” she asked the man in the mirror.

“Free me from this never ending hell. The original mirror was shattered. Help me before he comes back.”

Selena stared into the mirror, noticing that it didn’t reflect her or the clothes strewn about the room behind her. He seemed to be in a cramped space. “Before who comes back? Where are you?”

“No time! He’s herrree—” the word was drawn out into a garbled groan. The man covered his face and bent down. A pang of worry went through Selena. What is going on? Somehow this man was hurt and needed her help. She inched closer to the mirror, reaching out to touch the glass. The knife clattered to the floor.

When her hand was inches from the surface, the man jumped and uncovered his face. He pressed it up against the glass, trying to get through. However, he was no longer the image Selena had first seen. Instead of the handsome stranger, in his stead was a Jester with a white painted face, jagged brown teeth, no hair, and glowing green fire filled his eyes. His suit was now dirty and torn. Bony fingers stuck out through holes in his white gloves. He belonged in a living dead circus. A scream escaped her lips while she backed away from the mirror.

“You can’t have him, bitch! He’s mine. MINE!” the entity yelled. He stepped away from his side of the mirror and made a running leap, trying to crash through it. Selena instinctively covered her face with her arms and cowered on the floor. However, no spray of glass hit her, only a thud, and then the sound of pounding on heavy glass.

When she peeked through her arms, the Jester was banging on the mirror. He couldn’t get through. Relief washed over Selena while she looked back at the Jester. His lips were pulled up in a perpetual smile revealing all of his teeth. She got the impression he was seething.

“What do you want?” she asked.

He rotated his head all the way around cracking his neck, peering at her. Some force pressed against her mind, trying to break into her thoughts. Her head began to swim as she watched the fire in his eye sockets dance and grow brighter. Choppy images flashed through her mind but she could barely make them out.

“No. You can’t have her!” A scream rang in her mind and in her ears, and the images vanished. When she blinked, the reflection of the Jester flickered and the man returned. He clutched his head, staring intently at her. One side of his face was horribly scarred, probably from a fire.

“Run. Get out of here now! Leave the house, please!” His voice contained so much agony it touched her heart.

“But I want to help you,” she found herself saying.

“No one can help me. I’m damned. I should never have asked. Please go.” He laid his palm flat on the glass. Selena copied his gesture, but instead of the glass she felt his flesh. The green glow from around him enveloped her hand, zinging up her arm. A look of disbelief crossed his face. Selena desperately yearned to stroke his skin and see if it was rough or smooth. She thought the burn scar would make him seem less handsome, but it enhanced his features.

“It’s not possible,” he muttered.

His fingers closed on hers, breaking the surface of the glass. His flesh was warm and another zap went through her while they touched. The shock flushed her cheeks and reached her thighs. “What are you?”

He pulled his hand away, leaving Selena empty again. “I can’t believe it, but if it’s true he will try to have you. Leave this place before it’s too late. The boundary is the woods. He cannot move past there.” Without another word, his face contorted in pain again. A scream came from his lips. When he turned back to her, his face was half his and half the Jester’s. The Jester was winning.







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