Ever since they were children, the Rosin twins have known their father worshiped a demon. Once they had a taste of the power the demon offered, they wanted in. In order to gain that power, the demon demanded three things. Each thing the twins delivered, and thus gained immortality and power beyond their wildest dreams.

The demon demands souls to feed his hunger, so the twins build a traveling carnival to trap souls. As the years go by, their sexual appetites become more depraved from the demon's hold. But within the carnival, each brother finds the one thing he thought he could never possess. True love. However, their master wants a piece of the action as well.

What will happen to the twins? Will they hold onto their soul mates? Or will the demon finally have his way?

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Excerpt from "Carnival of Souls"

“I want you. I won’t tell you no.” Her jaw was set. She kept his gaze.

Alexander smiled. He reached out to her slowly, gently running his finger along the line of her stomach. She quivered underneath his touch. He stopped above her heart, sliding his palm over her left breast. The firm globe fit as if it were made for his hand. Her nipple hardened instantly when he brushed his thumb over it. He moved her robe away from her right breast taking the pert pebble into his mouth, running circles over her areola while he pinched and massaged the other. Endora groaned. Her body leaned into his. This only encouraged Alexander more. He bit down, gently tugging on her nipple. With his free hand, he rubbed the inside of her thigh slowly, parting her legs. His nimble fingers slid between her pussy lips discovering her hidden treasure. He began to rub her clit slowly. She was already wet from the anticipation of their coupling. The more he aroused her, the more her walls were crumbling. Her fear was ripe and sweet. She wasn’t afraid of being with him, but he was more afraid of being without her. No one had ever made his body smolder the way that she had.

He flicked his tongue over her breast again before releasing it and claiming her lips. Endora pushed herself against him. Her tongue spilt his lips, probing. He was pleased that she didn’t fear the desire sparking between them. He met her tongue with his, tasting her. Their tongues caressed and fondled one another while he rubbed her harder. Endora’s fingers clawed at his clothes trying to find a way under his jacket and shirt. When she couldn’t, she settled on cupping his cock through his pants. She gripped it and squeezed it, feeling him. Each of her caresses was clumsy, but he didn’t mind. He was holding back. He wasn’t about to scare her.

Alexander sensed her body trembling more and more with his quickening strokes of her hard node. Already, her pussy was slick with her own juices. She rocked against him when he kissed her. He broke the kiss and held her gaze. The power inside of him was building just as an orgasm trembled inside of her. He settled his palm against her belly button right over her womb. He slowed his pace and sent zaps of energy running through her. With each small burst of his power, and his manipulations on her clit, she was going to come hard and fast. Her eyes widened. Her breath quickened. She tried to hold back moans, biting her tongue. His power overwhelmed her body.

“Do you want me to stop?”


He leaned in close to her ear. “Are you sure? Because I can make this go on for hours. Tell me what you really want. What do you crave?”

He stopped the flow of his magick running through her and rubbed her more slowly, now trying to ease her down from the edge of her orgasmic precipice. Alexander kissed the spot under her ear. His tongue licked her lobe and his teeth nibbled the end of her ear. Alexander felt the gush of wetness from between her legs, dying to dip his dick into her pussy.


“Yes, sweet one.”

“I need you. I need you inside of me.”

She blushed when she admitted her longing. The perfect roses on her cheeks only made him want her more. He backed away and slipped the robe from her body, letting it pool around her feet. He undid his jacket and threw it on the chair. Endora watched with fascination glistening in her eyes while he undid the small buttons of his shirt. He tried to stay focused on what he was doing, but it was getting more difficult with each passing second seeing her flushed and so ready for him. The shape of her body was sublime. Equal to any artist’s rendition of Aphrodite. As pure as the Virgin Mother herself carved from stone, but underneath the innocence there was a vixen waiting to emerge. He tossed his shirt onto his jacket leaving him topless before Endora. He paused. She worried her lips. The small creases on her forehead made her more adorable to Alexander.She is so human. So delicate. Seeing her before him, Alexander realized that he loved her. He understood what it was that his brother had felt for Rachel. He had been in love.

After a moment, Endora crossed the distance between them. She laid her hand flat on his chest, running her hand over his muscles, feeling the hardness of his body. The body that the jester had granted him. But the demon wasn’t here. Endora was his. She trailed her hands over his pecs. Her feather-light touch drove him crazy. He dropped his head, inhaling the scent of her hair. The strands smelled like lemons. Her fingers moved lower, tickling him until they came to rest on the waist of his pants. She hesitated, not sure what to do. Alexander cupped her chin, drew her lips up to his for a brief kiss, and then stepped away. He pulled off his boots and socks and then undid the buttons on his pants. Once he stepped out of them, Endora’s eyes grew wide staring at his saluting cock.

She tried to back away, but he caught her wrist, gently guiding it down to caress his length. “It’s so soft. And so warm it’s almost burning.”

Alexander chuckled. “It is burning. For you. I want to feel your legs wrapped around me. I want to hear you screaming my name.” He lowered his lips to the hollow in her throat, sucking on the little indentation while her inexperienced hands slid over his shaft. With each of her butterfly strokes, he desired her more. The tightening in his groin was getting hard to control. His balls hurt from the longing of wanting to fuck her.

Endora’s arms wrapped around his back. Her nails dug into his flesh, running furrows, marking him. She pressed her body against him. Alexander couldn’t take the wanting anymore. He scooped her up and laid her on the bed. She stared at him with trusting eyes. Alexander looked deep into her gaze and saw himself reflected there. He saw and felt his soul through her. She had given him back a part of himself by being able to love him.






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