Cursed to live forever as a Raven, these Warriors can only be human on the days and nights of the full moon.

Charged with protecting Maili, Tremain realizes she has gone missing. Linnea helps Tremain to find her friend, using her budding magickal powers. She feels the burn from the thread which is binding her to Tremain.

Alena's estranged family begs her to return home. Granted a semi-reprieve from his Raven Warrior curse, Darius has been assigned to investigate the death of two werewolf children. Darius uncovers who is hunting the pack. All the while fighting the rising emotions he has for Alena.

Seth's flown the skies for two thousand years. Jayd employs Seth, not knowing his true nature. He keeps his distance. Jayd craves to feel his lips, but doesn't dare approach him. Shadows are whispering and Jayd's terrified to go home. Seth finds the shop empty and employs the help of his Raven brothers to find her.


 KOBO  iBooks 

To break the curse each raven must find his heartmate before he loses his humanity.

Caleb was cursed to Raven form five thousand years ago. In order to free himself, he must watch over Keeleigh. With her pointed ears and magickal gifts, she has always felt like an outsider. Keeleigh craves to learn more about her Elvin heritage. Caleb must face the Shadows to protect his charge. He asks for the help of his fellow Ravens.

Jet must keep an eye on Paget. He must find the Shadows who are out to kill her. Paget's icy suitor, Malik, wants her all to himself. Before he can claim her, the Shadows attack. Jet will do anything to save her and asks the other Ravens to help him so he won't lose the one he loves.






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Welcome to a business where protection is the guarantee. Sometimes, things go a little awry. Bodyguards find themselves in over their heads, or over their hearts. And even they need a little protecting from themselves.






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