While she's taking pictures in the woods, someone tries to kidnap Cassidy. She escapes and runs into Ronan. He brings her to the police, but can’t wipe Cassidy from his mind. To thank Ronan, Cassidy suggests going out for dinner. She’s also asked out by Henry, Ronan’s friend.

Before Cassidy can go out with either man, she’s bitten by a werewolf, and all hell breaks loose. Girls are going missing. A serial killer has returned to Lupine Gorge and set his eyes on Cassidy. Ronan and Henry will find him and do anything to keep her safe. Even sacrifice themselves for the woman they love.

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Excerpt from "Passion Fur Three"

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m having dinner with your best friend tomorrow night?”

His calmness oozed out of his pores and affected her so that she wasn’t as uptight as she had been before. “If that’s the way it’s supposed to be, then so be it. I’m not going to harp about it. Besides, if tonight went well, I was going to see if you might accompany me back to my place.” He waggled his eyebrows at her.

Cassidy chuckled. “Maybe if you play your cards right. The flowers were a good step. This dinner is another one. And so was saving me from my evil ex. Honestly, I’m not the kind of girl who does the one-night stand thing or gets involved with guys that I hardly know.”

“There’s always a first for everything. I’m not going to pressure you. I’m not that kind of man. But for you, I’d be anything.”

She shook her head. “You’re funny. I appreciate that. I don’t know what it is about you, but I do really like you.”

“I hope my singing voice doesn’t throw off your decision of me.”

“Oh no! Please don’t tell me this place has a karaoke machine. I can’t sing for the life of me. My mother always said I was tone deaf.”

Henry was about to answer when their food arrived. She had ordered chicken piccata with extra mushrooms. He had ordered a rare steak. She took a bite of the chicken, and it melted in her mouth.

Cassidy thought about what she had said to Henry about not doing one-night stands, and here she was contemplating it. There is something about these guys that I’m drawn to. Something about them that I can’t figure out.

“How is your dinner?”

“It’s really good,” she said.

“Anna is the best chef in town. We’re lucky to have her. But not as lucky as I am to be sitting here with you. The universe has been good to me on this night.”

“You really go with the flow of things?”

“Best to master your emotions than let them get the better of you. I learned that after my run-in with Tyler. He was the reason why Ronan stepped in and did what he did. We’ve been friends for many years, and he’s always been there for me. When I proposed he open the bar, he grumbled about it until I told him it was a good idea to help him interact with people. It’s not good for him to stay up on the mountain all the time. So I became the manager. After a few incidents of him losing his temper with some of the patrons, I suggested he try something to wrangle his anger.”

“Hence the fishing.”

Henry laughed. “Yeah. He bitches and moans that he hates it, but I know he secretly enjoys it. If he didn’t, he would’ve stopped a long time ago. It has helped him tame his inner beast.”

“Good to know. How about we finish dinner and think about dessert?”


“Yeah, really.” She ran her finger along his arm. At her touch, she felt his muscles quiver.

“Sounds good to me. I have some chocolate back at my place.”

“I love chocolate. I especially enjoy licking it off my fingers. Maybe other places too.”

“You keep talking that way, and we won’t need to go back to my place. I’ll pull you into the men’s bathroom and fuck you right there.”

Cassidy dropped her shoe and then ran her foot along his inner thigh until her toe hit the erection that strained against his pants. He jumped when she touched him. “I have to veto the bathroom. I’m more of a bed kinda girl.”

He gripped the edge of the table. His knuckles were white from clutching it so hard. “God, you make me so hot.”

“I’ll make you even hotter later. Want to get the check?”

Henry nodded. He signaled the waitress when she walked by. Cassidy took another couple of bites of her chicken. Henry paid the check, and then they got up to leave. He slid his hand around her waist and settled it on the top of her ass. Cassidy jerked from the sudden contact.

“Is this okay?”


The cool spring air ran a chill through her when they walked outside. He walked her to the car and stood her against the passenger-side door. His body heat kept her warm. Henry pressed his lips to hers. She pushed herself against him, feeling his taut body. I can see myself with him. Oh yeah. He’ll be great with his clothes off. Tonight is going to be good. She giggled. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and Frenched her. Cassidy dragged her hands over his back and clutched his ass. The door handle pushed into her left ass cheek, making her uncomfortable. She broke the kiss and was about to say something when she heard a growl.





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