A mysterious man beckons Orianna to the hotel bar. Ryker confesses he and his two mates, Dallas and Pierce, want her to return home with them.

To keep Pierce satisfied, Ryker invites a strange woman into their lives. He struggles with Orianna because she’s their natural enemy, a vampire. As the bond cements between Orianna and Pierce, he discovers Dallas falling for her too.

Orianna is abducted and all three men dash to rescue her from the local pride leader. If they don’t get there in time, there will nothing left of their new mate except ashes.

Warning: This book contains three sexy cat shifters who will make you purr, and a spirited heroine who can tame all three. Make sure you have some cream handy cause these kitties deserve it.

No Longer Available 

Excerpt from "A Cat For All"

“Are you going to watch them all night?” Pierce asked.

She turned toward him and took in the room. The plush carpet was burgundy, and the walls were a plum color. The bedroom was inviting, with a king-size bed with a blanket and pillows the shades of purple that matched the walls and the carpet. There was some kind of sculpture in the corner that reminded her of a cat, with sharp edges and teeth, but the shape wasn’t completely realized. It was more subjective, like looking at an optical illusion. A chest of drawers leaned against the wall near the door. There was a desk with a laptop on it. Pierce sat on the edge of the bed.

His mind was open to her. Maybe it was because he had shared his blood. Along with his cat, all she felt was love from him and concern about her well-being. The most important thing was that she sensed that he would do anything to keep her safe. He had such an innocence to him that drew her and made her feel human again. Besides that she couldn’t help feel the attraction that loomed between them. He saw her as a beautiful woman and not some beast that had crawled out of the coffin.

The instincts he had awoken inside of her screamed for her to take advantage of the situation and stake her claim to him, marking him as hers. Plus she hungered for the taste of his blood once more to be flowing down her throat. It was stronger than anything she had taken in before. Relying on Pierce to quench her hunger wasn’t something she wanted to do. If the others found out, then she assumed they would throw her off the property or revoke their invitation and she wouldn’t be able to get back into the house. Many of the old wives’ tales she hadn’t thought about before associated with vampires were true, which was one reason she had to be invited into the house. At least she didn’t have to be invited into Pierce’s room.

“No, I’m not going to watch them all night. I’m content to watch you.” Orianna sat beside him on the bed.

He chuckled and pushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear. The small gesture stirred the lust inside of her. He trailed his fingers down the expanse of her neck. Pierce’s soft caress brought her back to earlier when they had been in the hotel room. It was so easy with him to forget about that she had said she didn’t want to jump into a relationship. It had been almost six years since she had been with someone. The last time she’d had sex with Mason they were in a hurry and hadn’t enjoyed one another. Orianna missed the intimacy that she had shared with her mate. Now she would have to become accustomed to that familiarity again.

“What are you thinking about?” Pierce asked.

“About staying here. About the last time I was with someone. Being with you has made me realize how lonely I’ve been. Even being around Dallas and Ryker will take some getting used to. They may not be potential mates, but at least they talk to me. Once people figure out what I am, then they want nothing to do with me. Thank you for finding me.” Orianna wanted to cry, but that was taken away from her. The growing warmth and lump of emotion that was in her heart was something she wasn’t sure she could express fully. Pierce didn’t understand how much this meant to her to be with someone again.

“I didn’t find you. Your wonderful scent was what led me to you. It wasn’t by chance that you happened across this land.” He ran his nose along the line of her throat and inhaled. His hand settled on her knee lightly, but his touch made her hot for him.

“How do I smell to you? Others think I just dug myself out of the grave.”

Pierce gazed at her. She saw the longing in his eyes. “Like jasmine and fresh earth. The musk of your cat is heady and mixed with the lavender of your soap. It makes me want to lick you all over. Have our bodies sliding against one another until you beg me to stop making love to you. It’s getting harder to constrain myself.” He squeezed her knee and pulled away. “I’m trying to control the urge to throw you down on the bed and make passionate love to you.”

Orianna watched his lips move and heard the words, but she was hypnotized by the way they formed around the syllables. At certain points a small dimple formed at the left corner of his mouth. She nodded absently and inched a little closer to him on the bed. She ran her fingers over the tops of his thighs, feeling the strong muscles enclosed in the jeans. Pierce trailed his fingertips along her cheekbones, almost afraid to touch her. She couldn’t watch him any longer; she had to feel those lips. Once their mouths connected, she was in heaven. Her whole body relaxed, and it felt like she had come home. Pierce’s arms slipped around her, drawing her closer until her breasts pressed against his chest. She ran her finger over his torso and along his sides, until she wrapped her arms around his neck. She tucked her knees under her and straddled him. Orianna feathered her fingers along his neck settling over his pulse point, and then slid her fingers through his hair. Pierce dragged his nails along her back until the points bit into her skin. She broke the kiss and cried out.





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