Illiana is a raven shifter shunned by her flock the majority of her life. Her best friend, Christopher, is a wolf shifter, but they can never be together because it goes against all their laws. Belik, a raven shifter, has always loved Illiana.
Belik bares his soul to Illiana. She reveals a secret to Belik that will change their relationship forever.

All the while, Christopher lusts after a black wolf he invites to join the pack, while lamenting the loss of the one woman he has always loved. Illiana tries to find a way to be with both men she loves, but to do that the wolf must awaken.

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Excerpt from "Awakening the Wolf"

Illiana landed catlike on the ground and rushed into Christopher’s waiting arms. He pulled her into a strong bear hug before letting her down. A giggle slipped from her lips, and all her trepidations from earlier fell away. None of it mattered anymore. She was with her best friend, and whenever that happened, her life among the trees disappeared. All seemed right in the world with him, and another part of Illiana was satisfied to be on the ground and not flying through the air. Illiana also felt at home among the wolves and their territory.

“I see you made it through without harm?” Christopher smiled.

She twirled around, showing him that she had survived. Christopher caught her arm and pulled her close. Illiana bumped into his chest and pulled in a deep breath. She stared into his blue-gray eyes and found herself melting the longer she peered into them. Her legs went wobbly, and her breath got short. All she could focus on was the rapid beating of her heart and how warm his body felt against hers. It stirred her deepest yearnings, and she fought those desires with all her might. Christopher was her friend and nothing more, but he certainly brought up all of her buried emotions. Each time she saw him, it was harder and harder to keep those feelings concealed. His grin widened, and he laughed before releasing her. She felt her cheeks burn and focused on smoothing her dress.

“Yes, I made it. All is well.”

“I can see that.” He traced the brand on her left breast.

Illiana sucked in a quick breath and looked down at his hand. A rush of pleasure shot through her and caused her nipples to harden. Her insides quivered. All she could think of was how smooth his finger was trailing over the mark. How cool his skin felt over the burn. How much everything he was doing was turning her on.

“Chris, why . . . what are you?” Illiana asked.

Christopher looked up at her, and she could see the scruff of his beard and smell the musk of his scent, mixed with the pine of the forest. He was tan from spending so much time in the sun. Her friend was no longer the boy she had covered up when he lost his mother. He was a man now, a full member of his pack, with a flat chest and muscled arms. His shirt was half-open, revealing a hairless chest, and he towered over her by a foot and a half. Christopher was everything the ravens were not. He was taller, broader, and enjoyed hunting. Most ravens thought themselves to be above hunting, not giving in to their animal natures. That was another argument her mother had with her. Illiana had no problem with giving into the animal that was in all of them. Hunting was a natural thing for her. There were times when she and Christopher would hunt in tandem, she taking to the air and him on the ground, each sharing the spoils of the kill. The idea of blood made her inner animal growl. She wondered if there was something inside of her that was different from the others.

Christopher leaned in closer to her until their lips were inches from one another. Illiana kept her eyes trained on him, but they closed of their own accord. She held her breath and waited for their mouths to connect. His breath blasted against her lips. They were so close she could anticipate what it would feel like to actually kiss him. After a couple of heartbeats she opened her eyes. He was frozen, still inches from her.





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