Tricia has lusted after Zander, but he never let’s her get close. Fed up, she walks out of his life for good.

Zander keeps Tricia at bay because the beast within him wants to rip her throat out and paint her bedroom in blood. Finally, he gives into his desires, trying to mend the rift between them. Little does he know, Tricia is falling for her boss, Kevin.

Kevin hates Zander but will do whatever it takes to keep Tricia. Having a relationship with two vampires is harder than Tricia ever imagined. Especially when neither of them are what they seem.


Excerpt from "A Taste of Darkness"

These past two days I had been huffing and hawing over Zander. I had his phone number. The little voice inside my head told me to give in and call him. I kept reminding myself that I was the one in control. If Zander desired me, he would beg at my door to win me back. I had to stay strong. He had to see that I wasn’t some old-time wench, but a modern woman. I had a career, and any man, be he vampire or human, could kiss my ass if he thought he could put himself first. I sighed. The rain continued to pelt my windows. A dreary night lay ahead of me. The rain would wash away all the work I put into my hair and makeup. It was probably best I stayed in. However, I had told Kevin I would meet him, but I was being lazy. I hated the rain.

Tonight, there was an edge to the weather I hadn’t felt before. Maybe because I was now totally aware of what creatures really lurked in the night. I wasn’t afraid of the vampires walking next to me. I didn’t have any reason to fear them. I only wondered now if other creatures like ghosts or goblins walked beside me. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine, considering Zander had turned into a vampire before my eyes and one employed me. I chuckled and glanced at the clock. It was near eleven. Kevin wanted me to meet him a little after twelve at a bar a few blocks from here.

Sighing, I decided to fix my makeup and make sure I covered up the dark circles under my eyes. Right when I was about to go into my bedroom, someone knocked on the door. My heart soared because it might be Zander. Stifling a yawn, I opened the door and found him standing there looking suave and paint free. He was dressed in black jeans and a black T-shirt that made all of his curves even more dangerous. He didn’t wait to be invited in and walked past me.

A sudden flare of irritation sparked in me. He was such a pain in my ass. He wasn’t going to change over night when it came to his beliefs about women. What am I going to do with that boy? Closing the door behind me, I turned and wondered where he had gone. Suddenly, he had me against the wall. His lips were on me, hungry. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and sought mine. I stiffened in his arms in response. I didn’t know how to respond to him. My mind screamed for me to kiss him back. My heartbeat thundered in my ears. Where had this reaction come from? Who cares? my mind shouted. You’ve wanted him for two years. Take him.

Before I could answer, a fire ignited inside of me. My hands wrapped around his neck. I yearned to experience his flesh sliding against mine. Zander didn’t stop kissing me. I matched his fervor feeling my glasses nearly falling off my nose. Kevin could wait.

I made myself focus on Zander’s lips. Soft and supple. Our tongues entwined, greeting one another. Zander’s hands raked trails over my blouse. Fabric tore. Every fiber of my being screamed for him to throw me down on the carpet and take me right there. Finally, I broke away from his sensuous lips. My lungs burned for air. I took a few deep breaths trying to stop my racing heart. I righted my glasses so he would stay in focus. Zander’s eyes were blue-white and tinged red around the edges of his pupils. For a split second, fear shot through me. He hungered. I could be his next meal.

Somehow sensing my thoughts, he gave me a lopsided smile. His gaze searched my face. Gently, he ran a finger along my cheek. It was hard for me to focus with the adrenaline pumping through my system. The moment of peace between us broke. The frenzy started again. He ripped the rest of my blouse from my body. He was too impatient to undo my bra and used his claws to swipe it off. I dug under his T-shirt experiencing the coolness of his chest. Half-naked now, Zander grabbed both of my hands and pinned them above my head with one hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Just claiming what’s rightfully mine,” he whispered against my lips before capturing them again.

This time, his fangs pressed against my mouth. Their sharp points cut into my bottom lips. Blood ran over my tongue. The taste of copper stuck to the back of my throat. He tasted it too. His kisses grew incessant. Zander began to suck on the blood pulling my bottom lip between his teeth. I groaned. I arched upward, pressing against him. I felt the hardness of his cock against my thigh. Roughly, he moved down my neck nipping at the skin, pulling it away from my throat with his lips. Everything in me yearned for him. He bit me again. I wanted him to sink his teeth into me. I yearned to feel their penetration. I moaned. The pleasure riding through me was about to break.

“This is so not fair,” I murmured. His toying grated on my nerves. I hated to be teased. I needed him inside of me.

He chuckled. “Life isn’t fair, Tricia. When you think it’s going your way, you discover it isn’t.”

Zander held me with one hand. The other slipped underneath my skirt. My panties were already soaked. Through the material, I felt his cold hand cupping my pussy. At that moment, he sank his fangs into my throat and pressed against me. His cock strained through his jeans. I ached to touch him, but he wouldn’t let me. He drank in long draughts from my veins. I heard him swallow each time he had a mouthful until he finally ceased. His light eyes weren’t red anymore, but he breathed hard. The crimson stained his teeth, and his breath smelled of copper.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Tricia? You taste so good. I want you to say my name, sweetness.” He massaged my clit through the fabric until I shook.





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